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Is sports betting a viable investment?

Some people use sports betting as an investing strategy over the long term. Long-term sports betting can be a good investment strategy if the predictions are accurate enough and one has a good bankroll management strategy. At Bettor Wisdom, many of our clients use sports bets to invest as part of a more extensive portfolio.

Our team has decades of experience looking at various investments—financial instruments, real estate, the stock market, etc. Other investments can provide consistent, attractive returns (approximately 10-15%). Conversely, our methodologies have yielded 20%, 30%, and beyond returns. So, we believe sports betting is just as, or more, viable an investment strategy as the ones listed. Furthermore, in our opinion, sports’ entertainment value makes sports betting fun, engaging, and profitable.

How does the Bettor Wisdom subscription process work?

Once you sign up for a subscription and log in, you will get immediate access to current sports betting predictions. We have multiple subscription services that clients can cancel at any time. Please visit our subscriptions page for the most up-to-date offerings and pricing.

Are communications confidential?

Of course! Client picks must remain completely confidential. Sharing our proprietary and confidential information with outside parties is grounds for membership termination without refund.

Speaking of refunds, what is your policy?

Bettor Wisdom is for informational purposes only. We cannot, and do not, make any guarantees regarding our performance. We will work tirelessly to keep our clients happy, but our service sales are final, and we do not offer refunds.

Can Bettor Wisdom place sports bets for me? 

No. Bettor Wisdom only provides the sports betting predictions and our recommended units to be wagered. You will place any bets using your preferred sportsbook.

Can I place sports bets directly with Bettor Wisdom?

No. You can use our predictions and place your bets using your preferred sportsbook(s).

Can you make money betting on sports?

Yes, it is possible to make money betting on sports, but nothing is guaranteed. A professional sports betting strategy can help increase one’s chances of making money betting on sports.

What is a good sports betting strategy?

That is a tricky question to answer. There are lots of different strategies out there. We believe in using a data-driven approach to sports betting picks and diligent bankroll management. Using this methodology, our clients have successfully used sports betting as a viable investment strategy. Unfortunately, for liability purposes, we can’t tell you precisely what you should do; however, we can make some recommendations based on our most successful clients’ processes. Sports can be volatile, and performance will ebb and flow like other markets. A successful strategy in this arena begins with bankroll management.

What is a bankroll and bankroll management?

Your bankroll is all of the money you’ve set aside to invest in sports betting. Utilizing a bankroll management strategy is one way to hedge against total loss. Instead of betting random amounts, divide your bankroll into units and bet a certain number of units each game.

How big should my bankroll be?

It’s all about what makes you comfortable. For some, this might be $500. For others, it might be $10,000 or more. It’s all dependent on your financial situation. A bankroll should be the amount of money you are comfortable potentially losing in its entirety if your betting outcomes are unfavorable. 

Should I ever adjust my bankroll size?

We typically recommend adjusting bankrolls on a pre-set schedule. Determine a period that works for you: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. We usually advise our clients to choose more extended periods, which smooth out short-term volatilities. As bankroll sizes change, so can wager sizes. We can’t stress this enough—consistency and discipline are keys to success in the long run.

How do I determine unit size?

First, determine what kind of bettor you are: conservative, assertive, or aggressive. We recommend conservative bettors wager 1% of their bankrolls on each wager, assertive bettors wager 2.5-3% on each wager, and aggressive bettors wager 5% on each wager.

Sports can be volatile, and performance will ebb and flow like other markets. Following the recommendations listed ensures bettors can withstand volatility and achieve long-term success.

Also, since everyone’s wagering capabilities and styles vary so widely, we standardize our results calculations so that you can apply your circumstances to your potential winnings.

Whatever you decide your unit sizes should be, we suggest not deviating constantly. Frequent unit size changes tend to lead to more significant losses than wins.

What are sports betting odds?

Sportsbooks use sports betting odds to calculate the earnings of winning wagers and reflect the chances of a particular outcome. The higher the odds, the higher the payout, but the lower the chances of an outcome. Conversely, the lower the odds, the greater chance of winning, but the payout will be smaller. 

We typically recommend a somewhat balanced approach to bet sizes. Bets on favorites (listed as a negative number) are “to win” units, while bets on underdogs (listed as a positive number) are “to risk” units. For example, if you’re a $100 per wager bettor, if you see a pick listed at -115, you’d wager $115 to win $100. Alternatively, if you’re a $100 per wager bettor and see a pick listed at +115, you’d risk $100 to win $115. 

Considering the success rate of the predictions, should I parlay the picks?

A parlay is when a bettor ties two or more bets together into one bet to achieve a larger payout. Despite our success rate, we do not recommend parlaying picks for various reasons, but mainly two. First, while we have days where we will be 100% accurate, and our overall success rate is high, our computers sometimes get it wrong. Second, while the potential payouts are attractive at first glance, sportsbooks tend to set parlay odds as more unfavorable than the odds for singular events. 

If you decide to parlay, we suggest doing so only for fun and wagering fractions of units. For example, some clients who’ve dabbled in parlaying found success with wagering 0.1, 0.25, or 0.5 units at a time.

I noticed that other services apply unit counts to their picks. Why don’t you?

While our computers make predictions with varying confidence, we’ve found that applying unit counts generally negatively affects bettor behavior—particularly when we implore our clients to approach betting with discipline. If we post a pick, we have the utmost confidence to post in the first place (and for a client to wager upon it confidently).

What about guarantees or “locks?”

Guarantees, or “locks,” in sports betting are a myth. They simply don’t exist. Our computers will sometimes make calculations with EXTREMELY high degrees of certainty. However, please remember that no matter how confident we may be in a pick, humans still play the games, and anything can happen.

Can I trust sports betting picks websites?

Not all sports betting picks websites are created equal. Many websites don’t keep consistent prediction records, exaggerate claims, or fabricate information. We stand behind our records – win AND lose. When choosing a sports betting picks website, be sure to check out their record, testimonials, and philosophy to verify they are legitimate.

What is handicapping?

Handicapping is a person’s approach to predicting a game’s outcome. Some people weigh certain factors differently than others. At Bettor Wisdom, we like to rely on our algorithms and computers.

For which sports do you provide sports betting predictions? 

We concentrate most of our efforts on MLB, NBA, NCAA basketball, NCAA football, NFL, and NHL. However, we may find opportunities in fight sports, golf, soccer, and tennis, among others. Our algorithms run for all sports and our sports betting predictions are generally agnostic to the sport. Our process focuses on the odds instead of the types of games played. 

When and how are picks sent out?

We aim to send out picks at least 1 to 2 hours before the games start. There is no set time each day that we post our picks. Games, like our computers’ calculations, happen around the clock. It may be necessary to check our site a couple of times throughout the day to catch everything, but to make everyone’s lives easier, we try to limit the number of postings daily—typically 1 to 2.

We will make every attempt to ensure our clients have the information they need to make informed decisions on time. Due to its quick delivery, we may post additional updates on our social media feed(s) when necessary.

Do you post free picks?

Absolutely! Between our website and social media feeds, we utilize several outlets to provide this value proposition to existing and potential clients. Free picks prove our success and provide folks an idea of what we’re capable of delivering to clients on an ongoing basis. We stand behind their performance, but they won’t replace the value of clientship. As such, please keep in mind that the degrees of certainty may differ between free and paid picks.

How many picks can I expect each day?

Since sports are highly seasonal, we do not have a set number of plays per day. Many more games occur during the fall and winter than during the summer. So, we can release as few as 1 to 2 or as many as 5 to 6. The number of plays we have daily varies based on how many opportunities and value our algorithms find. We firmly believe in quality over quantity and post accordingly.

Will you provide explanations of the picks?

Typically, no. Our computers produce calculations without reasoning for the results. Our team would need to go back in and look at various variables and factors to explain how the computers determined a particular outcome. Our team is small and we get many varied requests daily. Unfortunately, we lack the workforce to provide explanations for all events, and we can’t guarantee that you’d receive an explanation before a game starts. However, feel free to reach out if you’ve gone astray over a pick. We will do our best to provide the additional wisdom or color you seek.

Which states allow legal sports betting?

The number of states where sports betting is legal is continually changing. We recommend referring to your state’s rules and regulations. This may be a helpful resource for you.  

How old must you be to participate in sports betting?

21 years old.

Still stumped?

Our team would be happy to answer any questions you have.