Our Bet Prediction Algorithm

Our proprietary sports betting prediction algorithms were developed by a small group of experts featuring finance professionals, statisticians, and software engineers. They are based partly on machine learning, neural networks, pattern creation, and value assessment. The prediction models constantly evolve to maintain accuracy, ensuring our clients have the edge they need to succeed in sports betting.

The Secret Game Plan

Unlike many competitors, our sports bet prediction algorithms contain multiple levels to determine results.


We use the latest, up-to-the-minute data to run simulations of teams in question anywhere between 500-1000 times (or until we reach statistically significant results).

Even More Simulations

As with any long-term sports betting strategy, thinking of everything from all angles is essential. Backed by 30+ years of data, we run simulations of similar teams in similar situations 500-1000 times.

Trend Analysis

We conduct extensive, statistically significant trend analyses on the teams in question, utilizing historical records from up to 30 years ago (and sometimes beyond).

Team & Player Ratings

We apply proprietarily determined team/player ratings against multiple outside variables, including weather/wind, potential referee bias, rule changes, team traveling distance, game importance, player trades, illnesses, suspensions, etc.

Pattern Initiation

Throughout numerous calculations, patterns develop. Our machines study those patterns for viability and reliability. We then warehouse the most reliable data in databases to continuously compare future events.

Apply Betting Market Efficiency

By comparing the results of data against the betting market, we remove human bias for and against specific teams or seasons. We account for any meaningful/high-dollar bettor activities and sportsbook efficiency to determine betting lines across spread, over/under, and moneyline bets.

Consistency is Key

Develop a long-term sports betting strategy

In addition to evolving our bet prediction algorithms and models, we conduct rigorous back-testing to ensure that results remain consistent over time. By our standards, it’s not enough to have a successful day, week, or month. We aim to be accurate over the long run—season to season and year to year. Consistency and time are vital to using sports betting as an investment.